Top 10 List of Top 10 Numbers of All Time

Since the beginning of numbers, there are certain numbers that are more number-ish than others. Here is a list of the Top 10 Numbers of All Time.


Number one, the number1. This number came in first. No surprise, really. It’s held that spot for essentially time and eternity and is likely to continue in that spot.


Number, the number two2. Number two is the second number on the list.



Number three, the number3. The third number is 3.



number-four4.  Number four comes in closely behind Number 3.



Five, the number5. Number five is sometimes confused with Letter “S” because of it’s shape. However, Letter “S” doesn’t even register on the Top Infinity Numbers List.


66. Number six is here at sixth place.



Nine7. In an astonishing twist, number nine actually displaces number seven and eight as the seventh number on the All Time Top 10 list.


The number seven8. Number seven is still ahead of number eight in spite of the surprising placement of number nine in the seventh position.



The number 8.9. Number eight looks like the infinity sign turned on its side. That still isn’t enough to get it to a higher position.



10 is the tenth number10. Rounding out the Top 10 list is number ten.



14While this is a strict Top 10 list, it should be noted that number fourteen placed just outside the list and has often been found to contend for the sixth position. The likelihood of breaking into the top ten is quite small but we admire the heroic effort.





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