Assvertising for comic book heroes

We don’t get the whole words-on-sweatpants butt thing that seems to be popular among young women now-a-days. We like a nice bottom for sure, but it’s tacky to call attention to something like a school name or random words. And it’s completely improper if anything is written on the derriere of an underage girl. If one of our classmates in high school were to show up with something like that, she would have been sent home.

So, it’s time for another culture mockery event. If people are going to stamp their poop chutes with words, they ought to do so for hire. We thought it would be clever to grab some images of cosplayers and add some words to their back ends. If you traffic our site much, you know how lazy we are, so after manipulating a few pictures, we gave up since we were boring ourselves. So, this is what we got around to. By the way, we didn’t invent the term “assvertising” unfortunately. Female volleyball players have been doing it for years. Don’t even get us started on beach volleyball.

Lynda Carter shilling for her husband Robert Altman
Robert Altman’s company ZeniMax gets a boost from a booty.
Cammy Street Fighter Cosplayer
Cammy’s ready to take to the streets to fight for market share.Give her a call at 666-244-2888
Catwoman's ass
Selina goes down to show her support for President Obama. Mitt Romney chose the high road and used the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to sing patriotic songs at his rallies. Look where that got him.
Bellechere, Spider Woman cosplayer
We like Bellechere. She’s a delicious bit o’ woman. But we just couldn’t resist. Here’s an example of an informative ass display created by the Ass Awareness Association. See, even non-profits can benefit from assvertising.
She Hulk, Marvel Character at Walmart
She Hulk went for the permanent placement route and got a tattoo of her sponsor. The marketing works best when she’s pole dancing on the weekend.
She Hulk, Disney character
When Disney bought Marvel in 2009, they mandated that She Hulk had to change her ass logo. It was a bitch to get it lasered off, but she’s replaced the other logo with the House of Mouse branding.

This one still cracks us up. At the 2006 Comic-Con, Rogue Pictures was promoting the film Balls of Fury by giving away packages of underwear with the film logo on it. We snagged a bag and promptly put it on eBay. It sold for something like $15. We still have the picture of the package (and added the open underwear from a pic we found on eBay tonight). Now THAT’s product placement!

Balls of Fury, Rogue Pictures promos from Comic-Con
We don’t like tighty-whities. They just not sexy unless you also have on a pair of white socks.

Incidentally, we also grabbed a little box of ping pong balls. We sold these on eBay as well and guess what. They ended up in a ping pong museum. So if you’re ever at the International Table Tennis Federation museum in Lausanne, Switzerland go look for this box of Balls of Fury promo balls and think of how you’ve just experienced a bit of Comics A-Go-Go! history. You’re welcome.

International Table Tennis Federation promo ping pong balls

Anyway, if any of you readers, female or male, wish to stitch our website address on your ass or brand it with a tattoo, you have our blessing.


We like comics. And we like music. And we like movies. Pop culture is our game! But we also have a serious side. Current events, history, and politics are a part of the Comics A-Go-Go experience and we hope you find interesting things to read and look at while you traverse our website pages.

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