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someecards – Humor and Cynicism

Making someecards is a great way to express short bursts of sheer sarcasm with apparently innocent pictures. Sometimes I like to rage politically or socially. Other times I like to express my awkwardness or limitations. In all cases, I pretend that I’m funny and with a self-satisfied chuckle, I present a few of the ecards that I’ve created. Harsh language ahead.


So, seriously, will you stop? Please?
I don’t care. I also don’t care that you don’t care that I don’t care.
Don’t you have somewhere else to go like Juvie Hall or something?
The fat cats have no time for your play.
Don’t try to run out on your responsibilities. You and your kind came up with Reaganomics and now we get to live with the fallout.

And, here a link to my eCards board on Pinterest where you’ll find hundreds of other funnies. Most were made by others.


Someecards on Pinterest

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