The Last Circus (2010)

Here’s an odd little thing…

We found this on Filmbalaya’s blog. The Last Circus is a 2010 release from Spain. Spanning between the start of the fascist power grab during the horrific Spanish Civil War, and the end of the Franco regime in 1973, a drama plays out in a circus where an abusive, bullying “Happy” Clown makes hell for a “Sad” Clown. “Sad” Clown, Javier, is smitten with Natalia, the acrobatic wife of “Happy” Clown Sergio. Javier hopes to protect the illicit object of his love from the abuses of her husband, but the relationship is complicated and creates a series of horrible events. The film won a ton of awards in the Spanish cinema and RottenTomatoes gave it a fresh rating of 81%. It’s very much an art-house movie and the costuming and scenery are intriguing.

We’re not big fans of the circus mostly because they are just such sad things, but not in a good way. We do like the depraved beauty of  the “psycho clown” imagery in this film. So, this movie will cater to your sense of discomfort if you enjoy such a thing.

The Last Circus film from Spain


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