Asterix Comic Book Covers

We’ve added a gallery of all off the albums in the Asterix collection.  Unfortunately, since the albums were collected over several years, the covers are not consistently from one edition. Nonetheless, the cover art is represented accurately in one form or another.

All of the artwork for the covers was created by Albert Uderzo. It’s interesting to see the evolution of the characters as well as the art by Uderzo. No credit is given for the colors but one can assume that Uderzo also colored or at supervised the coloring of the covers. The printing techniques factored into the production quality of the covers. It’s our opinion, but we felt that there was a certain nostalgic charm about the more primitive newsprint production than the newer four-color artwork. Slick is nice, but when it comes to comic books that began publication in the 1960’s, we think there’s something to be said about the look of a book that reflects its age. Besides, the stories (and art) were generally better and more creative in the earlier publications.

Pictures of Asterix comic book covers


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One thought on “Asterix Comic Book Covers”

  1. My favorite covers are: Asterix and the Big Fight (I love loopy Getafix), Asterix in Spain (clever!), Asterix the Legionary (just funny), and Asterix in Belgium (the painted illustration makes it unusual and pretty to look at). Great site by the way. Good job.

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