Mad Max Promos from SDCC 2013

The Mad Max booth outside the Comic-Con drew people in as they made their way to the Convention Center from the Imperial Street station. The booth was well staffed and looked the part of a dystopian future dwelling. The space within included couches and chairs and several employees.

Mad Max Fury Road Outdoor Booth at Comic-Con 2013

What drew me in was the gimmickry: (a) temporary tattoos, (b) two booth babes, (c) heavy music, (d) a short green screen video for people to sit in a beefed up car and shoot from the windows, (e) and a black t-shirt with the Mad Max text logo and a symbol on the back. C’mon! How slick is that? And, I passed by when very few people were inside so I got my tattoos video, and t-shirt within 20 minutes.

Mad Max Fury Road Promo T-Shirt Mad Max Fury Road T-Shirt Mad Max Promo Temporary Tattoos

Tom Hardy Still, Mad Max Fury RoadThe product they were hocking was the video game. As a great marketing ploy, it’s coming out in advance of the 2014 movie. Speaking of the movie, how can it be any cooler than having Tom Hardy cast as Mad Max? WOW! Tom is a stone cold talented actor that had breakout roles as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Eames in Inception, and Tommy Conlon in Warrior . You might not have recognized him because he wasn’t jacked with massive musculature as Handsome Bob in Rock’n’Rolla (which if you haven’t seen is in the same vein of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch; it’s a classic formula Guy Ritchie gansters film, a genre that doesn’t get old for me). Tom is in a bunch of other good projects including a couple of British pieces that I really like: Clarkie in Layer Cake and Freddie in The Take (TV series) where he plays a psychotic drug dealer, and Charlie Bronson in the fantastic self-titled film, Bronson.

Man, I cannot wait! If the film ends up being mediocre like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, then shame, shame, shame on the people involved. There is so much opportunity for great story-telling with a great lead.

Mad Max Fury Road Promo


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