Krazy Kar!

One of our most favorite childhood memories was playing with a ride-on toy called “Krazy Kar.” It was a large wheeled plaything that was hand-cranked for movement. Because all of the pumping was done by hand (rather than by foot), the toy was best used on flat ground where, with some dexterity and effort, a kid could get moving pretty quickly.

The Big Wheel was the much more popular and ubiquitous ride-on of the era, but the Krazy Kar was our favorite. The fact that one could spin around as well as create straight-line motion made for hours of fun. We were living in Thailand when we acquired the toy one Christmas, probably purchased during a home leave in the summer since we never saw anyone else in Bangkok with one (possibly because a Tuk Tuk was a bigger thrill if a kid could manage to appropriate one). We had a fairly decent sized driveway, so we could get a lot of speed cranking those big plastic wheels. But what was the most fun was gathering momentum up the slight grade of the driveweay, crossing under the carport where the cement was smooth as glass and suddenly reverse-cranking one of the wheels, creating a glorious sliding spin. Yes, that toy saw some significant action. Sadly, like all toys we owned, we left it behind during one of our transfers. We had worn holes in parts of the wheels so the ride was no longer smooth but we hope that some indigent child (which was usually the recipient of toys we could no longer keep) was able to get some use out of it. Perhaps tied to the back of a samlor or something.

Ride-on Toy
Ours was red white and blue like this one. We loved the swirls on the side. It hypnotized our cat while we were scooting around.

At any rate, don’t just take our word for it, enjoy a few memories from other grown-ups that likewise fell in love with this wonderful toy.

Krazy Kar Ride-on toy
Apologies to you, David. We just thought it would be fun to see what Tony Millionaire might look like as a boy in jammies on a Krazy Kar.

Here’s an example of the whirly fun one could have. Too bad we couldn’t find some video of speedy straight line motion. It was hilarious to behold.


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