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Smoosh music

Sometimes music just needs to be simple and fun.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Origin SeattleWashington, USA
Genres IndiePopRock
Years active 2000–present
Labels Barsuk Records, Pattern 25
Chloe (original member)
Asy (Asya, original member)
Maia (joined 2007)

Smoosh is an American indie pop band from Seattle, Washington. They have released three albums, She Like ElectricFree to Stay and Withershins, all of which were written and performed by singer/keyboardist Asya (preferred name Asy, born February 2, 1992) and her sister, drummer Chloe (born March 5, 1994). Their younger sister Maia (born September 5, 1996) joined the band in early 2007.[1]

At the time of their first album, She Like Electric, released on September 21, 2004, Asy was 12 years old and Chloe was 10. All of their songs are originals with both music and lyrics written by the girls themselves. Maia, then not in the band, provided the cover artwork for both that album and their next, Free to Stay.

They live with their father Mike, a medical researcher, their mother Maria, a pediatrician of Swedish descent, and their younger sister Scout. They do not give out their last name to interviewers. Asy, Chloe and Maia are all vegetarians.[2][3] They are, to some extent, protégées of Chloe’s drum teacher, Jason McGerr, who is now the drummer of Death Cab for Cutie.[4]


See Smoosh Discography at Allmusic.

And now there are three sisters. Talent runs deep in that family.

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