A Particularly Vicious Rumor

Dark Cabaret Revival

A Particularly Vicious Rumor

A Particularly Vicious Rumor (which when abbreviated reminds us of Predators hunting Aliens even though the initials have a “P” thrust into the middle – perhaps Alien Puppies vs. Predator, hmm?) is one of a number of small underground bands that harken back to the smoke-filled, boozy, sunlight-starved cabarets of old. From what I’ve seen in the cinema, back then everything was in black-and-white apparently. There is something to be said for that, so it’s almost unfortunate that the new bands are forced to play in color. Some make up for it in their … makeup. Such is the case with Kid Twist, the twisted (I guess) drummer of the duo-group. Rounding out the group is Lady O (which stands for Opulent which Lady O is not as far as we know) on keyboards and on-key on vocals.

We came to APVR via Dresden Dolls, another cabaret act. Slicker and over-the-top most of the time, the Dolls are most definitely worth a listen. And the song and video to “Coin Operated Boy” is just the the cat’s meow. APVR is what Dresden Dolls is when Dresden Dolls has come down off crack. Unless you see Kid Twist while he is playing. Then you wonder if perhaps he should be drumming along with Mushroomhead.

This is one of our most favoritest of A Particularly Vicious Rumor’s playing cards. Stop in on their page on MySpace (yes it’s still around; in fact, just for the sake of artists like APVR that need a shingle on which to lay out their wares) and give “Brave” a listen too.

AVPR Myspace

Once you’ve enjoyed a moment with AVPR, take a gander of the video below.

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