The Trading Post

Here’s what we are interested in acquiring. Check out the links to the right to see what we have to offer.


  • Daredevil Vol. 1 #4
  • The Rocketeer Graphic Novel (1st edition, came out in the mid 1980’s we believe)
  • Pierre Clément posters
  • Lee Weeks Daredevil art pages or original art
  • Cerebus Phone Book: Form and Void
  • Cerebus Phone Book: Latter Days
  • Cerebus Phone Book: The Last Days
  • Adventure Comics 429, 430 (DC, Black Orchid)


  • Bugsy Malone Blu-ray or DVD
  • Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang Blu-ray or DVD
  • The Rocketeer: 20th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray]
  • Talking Heads Stop Making Sense Blu-ray
  • Blade Runner Final Cut Blu-ray


  • Hmm. We’ll have to think about this one.

More to come.

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