Title Issues Notes
12 1980’s Eclipse, First, PC Bruce Jones, Axel Pressbutton (1 and Special), Nexus…
Six from Sirius 1-4 mini
Groo (Marvel) 59,72,73,82
Groo: Hell on Earth 1-4 mini
Groo: Anniversary 1 One shot
Archie 9 comics
Various kids from 60’s-90’s about 50
Jurassic Park about 5
Jack Kirby Secret City 2-4 includes promos
Captain Victory (Jack Kirby) 1-11, Sp 1 PC comics
Crossfire Eclipse
New Wave Eclipse; includes 2 3D comics
Thunder Agents
Detectives Inc 1-2
Air Maidens/ Airboy
some others
18 Free Comic Book Day comics

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