COMICS FOR SALE OR TRADE: Miscellaneous Book-Size Comics


Title Issue Price Notes
Charles Vess’ Book of Ballads and Sagas Preview  $  10 Comic-con preview; signed; with stories by Neil Gaiman
Berlin: City of Stones 1  $  12 Jason Lutes; softcover; 1st edition
Comic-Con Souvenir Book 2007  $   5 Adam Hughes Star Wars cover; 30th Anniversary SW; Herge, Rocketeer, Grendel
Comic-Con Souvenir Book 2008  $   5 Alex Ross LOS heroes cover; highlights 75th Doc Savage, King Kong; 50th Legion of Superheroes
JRR Tolkien: Artist and Illustrator  $  12 1995 1st Edition
Man of Bronze: Doc Savage 1  $   5 movie cover, oversized
Star Struck 1 Graphic Novel
The Beauty Supply District 1  $   5 Hardcover
The Big Book of Little Criminals  $   8 Factoid Books; Paradox Press
The Big Book of The Weird Wild West 1  $   8 Factoid/Paradox
The Big Book of Weirdos 1  $   8 Factoid/Paradox
The Escapist 1  $  15 Special book format; signed by Chabon and 4 artists

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