Lazy Dude Cosplay Gallery

Just hanging out in the lobby, charging my phone, relaxing against the wall, and enjoying some sort of Thai spice tuna fish cracker sandwich thing from Wal-Mart (tasted pretty good actually — who knew?). Decided to shoot pictures of cosplayers as they passed by. For the most part, I just sat on my ass and yelled at them to pose. What a lazy son of a bitch I am.

Arrow Girl Cosplay
Cosplayers Cosplayer Wolverine Cosplay What the hell Cosplay Cosplay of Russell and Kevin from Up! Supergirl and Rocketeer Cosplay Steampunk Batman Cosplay Rabbit Cosplay Princess Cosplay Predator Cosplay Poison Ivy Cosplay Luigi Cosplay Iron Many Cosplay Halo Cosplay Cosplay of Death from Sandman Cosplayers at Comic-Con Batman Cosplay Batgirl Cosplay Awesome-O Cosplay

This one was inside. I just missed adding it to my massive library of Cosplay Action.

Funny cosplay

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