33 Adorable Cosplay Girls Gallery

Robin Cosplay Girls at San Diego Comic-Con 2013
Robin Cosplay Girl at Comic-Con 2013
Young Lass Cosplay Girl at San Diego Comic-Con 2013
I’m at a loss regarding the character. But I just had to take a picture.
Girl Dr. Who Cosplay Girls at San Diego Comic-Con 2013
I caught this cosplayer in line but she still took a second to step out for a quick photo. OK, maybe she’s not as young as the others. She’s still adorable.
Girl Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cosplay Girls at San Diego Comic-Con 2013
I felt like there should have been some sort of soundtrack to this.
Kristin Juan as Consuela from Family Guy at Comic-Con 2013
Kristin did pregnant Snooki last year. It cracked me up so I gave her my “Favorite Cosplayer” award. This year, I caught her while she was doing Consuela from Family Guy. Ha!
Death from Sandman Girl Cosplayer at Comic-Con 2013
Netherworldly characters can be adorable too, right?
Korra and Sailor Moon Cosplayers at Comic-Con 2013
Worlds collide. Cute girls manifest. Here are Korra and Sailor Moon.
Cosplayer Maidens  at Comic-Con 2013
Um, maidens of some sort? Anyway, cute girls.
Tinkerbell Cosplayer at Comic-Con 2013
Tink! I’m not ashamed to admit I like watching the Tinkerbell Blu-rays with my daughter. They’re gorgeously animated. Seriously. Besides, if I watch them with my headphones on blaring Mushroomhead, I don’t feel so childly let alone girly. OK, I don’t do that either. Alright, maybe I am a little embarassed. But they really are beautiful movies.
Halo Girl Cosplayer at Comic-Con 2013
A pink Halo girl?! Cute without the helmets. Probably bad-ass with them on. There was a third girl but she showed up right as I was leaving.
Dr. Who Tardis Cosplayer at Comic-Con 2013
Clever costume. Adorable girl.
Girl Cosplayer at Comic-Con 2013
I have no idea who this character is. The cosplayer is cute, though.
Avatar the Last Airbender Cosplayers: at Comic-Con Toph and Yue
OK, Yue’s pretty obvious. So is Toph … wait, there are two Tophs? Or am I mistaking one of them with another character?
Girl with Corset at Comic-Con 2013
I don’t think this lady was a cosplayer. I think she was an exhibitor. But she was standing in a booth while I took a picture of some dude dressed up as a robot or something, so I took her picture too.
Thing 1 and Thing 2 at Comic-Con 2013
These two (Mom and Daughter?) were hilarious. Cute idea for costumes. And I found them napping later on under a plant.
Belle and Snow White Cosplayers at Comic-Con 2013
Aw. Disney girls.
Korra at Comic-Con 2013
OK, Korra might not like the idea of being adorable and this cosplayer may feel the same way. But it’s OK to be adorable AND tough at the same time.
Star Trek Cosplayer Girls at Comic-Con 2013
Beam me right over there, honeys.
Princess Cosplayer at Comic-Con 2013
Who doesn’t love a pretty princess?
Steampunk Cosplayer Girl at Comic-Con 2013
Steampunk is a genre that I never paid attention to until this Con. There were steampunk cosplayers everywhere. I’m intrigued. Seriously. I want to know more. Anyway, here’s a darling steampunk cosplayer.
Alice in Wonderland Cosplayer at Comic-Con 2013
Alice in Wonderland. Cute as a button.
Halloween Costume Cosplayer at Comic-Con 2013
Some sort of Halloween Costume? I’m not sure who this character is but the girl is adorable

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