Mister X pictures

The 1980’s brought us a surge in independent comics. Tired of the revolving door with no recognition given for working for the Big 2 (especially Marvel as Jack Kirby could attest if he were still alive today), talented writers and artists migrated out to small publishing houses where they were given mostly free reign to take their projects in the directions they wanted to run with them. The major independent companies like Pacific, Eclipse, Comico, and First made it possible for incredible stories and stunning art such as The Rocketeer by Dave Stevens, Mage by Matt Wagner, Nexus by Baron & Rude, and Grimjack by Ostrander & Truman (to name a very few – in fact, I smell a future blog dedicated to these topic coming up) to spring forth from the prodigious hands of their creators (that sounded pompous but it’s true).

From Vortex Comics, a smaller player in the independent field, the flag ship comic series was Mister X. Created by Dean Motter and ably drawn by a list of impressive names, Mister X was a sensationally good comic to read and look at.  Here is a small sampling of some of the work from the artists contributing to the series.

Looking for more Mister X pictures? Check this site out. It appears to be abandoned, so let’s hope it doesn’t get taken down at some point. 

As a side note, since we like the Hernandez Brothers, here’s a print of a nice unrelated piece by Beto.

Love and Rockets comics

There have been many artists out of the 1980’s that we like. Howard Chaykin is one of them. There will be more on this website regarding Howard’s work but take a look at the Hawkgirl gallery to see some more recent output.

Hawkgirl Comics

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