Mister X Cover Gallery

The covers to the comics in this gallery are from Mister X volume 1, 2, and 3, and the Condemned mini-series from Dark Horse.

What it is: Mister X is a cerebral and critically acclaimed comic book series that started in the 1980’s and has been published in spurts since then.

Premise: The story is set in Radiant City, a fictional location. The city is gripped with madness from a sociological project gone wrong. In an effort to create the perfect urban experience, architects construct a new city from scratch based on principles of “psychetecture”  — the idea that through the proper manipulation of architecture, a utopian community can be built. The opposite effect, in fact, happens. Taking accountability for the unintended horror, the story’s mysterious protagonist and self-proclaimed architect of the city (dubbed “Mister X” by his ex-girlfriend Mercedes), works relentlessly to repair his creation. Supported by use of an anti-sleep medicine that allows him to remain awake (but a bit off) indefinitely, Mister X works against the tide of evil-doers that in one way or another interfere with his plans.

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