Destroyer (from Thor)

Thor Destroyer

OK, technically this is more of a movie gallery page, but The Destroyer’s too cool for our school and chose this location. Who are we to argue. Enjoy.

Marvel Comics The Destroyer

The Destroyer from Thor at the Comic-Con
Thor Destroyer
Thor Squaring off against The Destroyer
Thor Destroyer
The tension builds!
Thor Destroyer preparing to blast
Fire in the hole!
Destroyer Pictures
Do NOT get into the blast field!
The Destroyer Blast
What a cool character. Hollow inside but with fire blasting capabilities!

Destroyer Down

Destroyer Thor Character
Destroyer by Bowen - Sideshow Collectibles
Destroyer Museum Statue
Sculpted by Avinash Hegde for Bowen Designs
Destroyer Statue
Destroyer Statue by Sideshow Collectibles
Michele Bachmann vs. The Destroyer
However, after a few minutes, we all realized Michele Bachmann could NOT be burned. As the spawn of Satan himself, she was actually perfectly safe.

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