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It all began years ago. One of our buddies in college was a collector of comic books. Having grown up out of the United States, I wasn’t really familiar with the hobby. My exposure was limited to Asterix and Tintin with the occasional war or humor comic loaned from friends. So out of curiosity, I borrowed a couple of comics from my college buddy. I was blown away by the art and the sophistication of the stories. They were also serialized which was interesting to me since I didn’t wait with baited breath previously to borrow the next issue of Hot Stuff or Richie Rich when I was younger. There were no “next chapters” in those books.

I visited the local comic shops with a bunch of pals or on my own over the years. In the beginning, I primarily collected and read X-Men, Batman, and Daredevil from the mainstream genre, and Grimjack and Rocketeer and the like from the independents. Over the years, my interests have shied mostly away from superhero comics except for Batman and to a lesser degree Daredevil and PunisherI also tend to buy my comics in Omnibus or graphic novel format now since I don’t have patience waiting for a month to see the next 20-page outing — I’d rather read the stories back-to-back. I love Joe Sacco‘s autobiographical work, Bone, David Clowes‘ stuff, American Born Chinese, and other things that tend to surprise me with their freshness and stunning art. I still read some of the stuff I grew up on and occasionally collect older comics like G.I. Combat 87 (the first Haunted Tank!) and some nostalgic stuff from the 1980s like Nexus by Baron and Rude.

Iron Man at the Comic-Con
The San Diego Comic-Con is my home away from home!

As time passed and as the lines between comic books and movies blurred, I was happy to see some of my favorite stories go to the big screen. As both a blessing (movies kept comics viable) and a curse (there’s sure a lot of crap flowing into the land of comics from outside influences — most notably the garbage created during the Storm of Collectibility generated by the sports card community in the early 1990s). I’ve attended a few Comic-Cons with buddies over the last 20 years. They are a boatload of fun. I’ve bought and sold comics. I’ve read some great ones and some horrible ones. I’ve collected some good ones and regretted others. But in all, I have really enjoyed my particular entertainment experience.

I love comics. I hate comics.

Having said all that, I started this blog as a haven for comic book junkies like me, but I just couldn’t let other pop culture delights like movies and music sit and fester. There’s plenty of that here too. Oh, and as for current events (particularly political), you’ll get some of that also, usually surrounded by a wrapper of sarcasm. I am an armchair critic and I like to think of myself as some sort of expert on whatever I talk about (although I know very little so I lie a lot). Thanks to the Internet, I am divine, by gum!

“How do I become a Comics A-Go-Go! super-user,” you ask? Get an additional dose of joy at Facebook and Pinterest.

So, on my pages and posts you will have the fortune of experiencing a small slice of heaven. I thank you for your visit and wish you well.

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  1. So that’s how it all got started, interesting.

    BTW: I ended up adding “COMICS-A-GOGO” to the friends section of my site, so I hope you’re ok with it, and with the write-up I gave you. Check it out:


    I know the term “friend” sounds kinda dorky, but it’s probably better than ending up in the “enemies” section of my site.


    Any-hoo, let me know what you think.


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