Johnny Nemo shoots you and it’s lights out

Cover to The Complete Johnny Nemo, Titan, 2014
One of my favorite comics from the 1980s was Johnny Nemo by the British duo Peter Milligan and Brett Ewins. Unfortunately, Johnny only appeared in a handful of issues. I picked up the ones published in the United States by Eclipse Comics, (short episodes in Strange Days and the solo three-issue series, Johnny Nemo Magazine). The stories were republished in black & white with some new material a few years later in the British anthology mag, Deadline. All of it was compiled in The Complete Johnny Nemo by Titan in 2014.

Johnny Nemo shooting cops

So, here’s the story. It’s 2921, New London is a futuristic canker of a hellhole where religious nuts clash with debaucherous denizens of this fabulously stylish but filthy dystopian future. Enter Johnny Nemo, a hitman for hire who lives the hard life because he can easily replace damaged organs anytime he likes and because #@%! you.  Johnny moves along with an air of Dirty Harry but along the way, he discovers that his assignments aren’t quite what they seem. And the violent mystery-solving is afoot.

Sure, there are other detectives-of-the-future, violent-but-funny books out there (one of my favorites being the sadly very short-lived Kelvin Mace), but Milligan and Ewins have a certain panache that makes Johnny Nemo particularly enjoyable.

Johnny Nemo Magazine #1 Johnny Nemo Magazine #2 Johnny Nemo Magazine #3
Johnny Nemo interior art #1    Johnny Nemo interior art #2
Johnny Nemo black & white story #2  Johnny Nemo black & white story #1
And here’s your bonus: A Johnny Nemo gif.
Animated gif of Johhny Nemo shooting


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