Psychedelic Animated Images

Animated image of man falling into a vortex

Since I did a bunch of images for the Black Widow posts that used a variety of psychedelic effects, I might as well post those that didn’t make the cut or that just ended up somewhere else. These thumbnails all link to animated gifs.

The backgrounds are mostly from various places on the Internet. I tried to use art that wasn’t credited to anyone, but if you own any of pieces I used and either want credit or to have them removed, let me know.

Psychedelic art is can be a kind of throw-back in comic book form. Just like other pop media, psychedelic elements were used to give the comic artwork a then-modern appearance. I really enjoy it and may end up doing a post on the topic sometime in the future.


Animated Spinning Circles

Animated Shimmering Abstract Art

Animated Psychedelic Heart







Animated Man Falling into Psychedelic Vortex

Animated Psychedelic Dancer

Animated Go Go Dancing


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