Clowning around

The number 500,000Well, it looks like this useless blog is going to run over another milestone. According to WordPress, sometime in the next few days, will have achieved 500,000 views. It’s not that it will mean much, but it’s proof that the Internet is the tool of some malignant force that sucks unsuspecting users into the black hole of meaningless content. But, I digress.

Clowns are evilSo, to celebrate the buffoonery, what better way to acknowledge the horror of time wasted than to give it a scary, silly celebratory party? Why, with clowns, of course! Because clowns are all the rage when you need something to remind you that childhood traumas can resurface and cause the heart to jump up into one’s throat from time to time. And if that isn’t a reason to throw a party, I don’t know what is.

I really actually don’t fear clowns, but they do make me very uncomfortable. What kind of madness is it to put on the garb and make-up of a zany imp whose unpredictable behavior could elicit joy and laughter at one moment and sheer terror or sadness the next? I suppose my zest for patented deep research should be driven up several notches given the pending, momentous landmark, but, nah … remember, this blog is full of lazy what-not and I just don’t feel like it. So, instead, I give you clown pictures. Enjoy.

Clown looking over city

Clown in the backseat of a car

What are clowns afraid of?


Mark fun not war
Make pie, not war!

 UPDATE! I just realized that this is also the 500th post. Man, now I’m feeling like this episode was a big let down. I should have done more like when I did the 25,000 Milestone Post thing. Um, well, here’s a bonus picture and whatever.

The number 500


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