Dusk by Edgar Died Today

The album cover for Edgar Died Today’s “Dusk”. This single-outing record by the completely obscure quintet compiles the most crushingly despondent music ever penned. Heartache is a melancholy passage by comparison. The eerie instrumentals that migrate slowly through what feels like a timeless and utterly joyless journey set the tone for what is actually 55 minutes wrapped in suffocating heaviness, and there is no bottom to the despair in the sheer futility that spills from the lyrics.

It’s unfortunate that there are no apparent surviving copies of this extremely low print run album. With the members disbanding into anonymity and the complexly layered music only existing in dark smudges of the memories of those that heard it, there is no means to convey the singularly never-ending black night of hopelessness that the songs from this record convey.


Album cover for depressing music

Author: comicsagogo.com

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