Who the hell is Yvonne Epstein?

Dark Horse Comics Logo for GhostIf you’ve been around here before, you’ll know how much I love pictures. Not surprising, right? Comic books? Pop graphic art? Mugshots? These things define what my blog is all about, so, yeah. Anyway, over the years I have scanned a crap load of comics and stuff and have slowly been putting them out in various posts. It’s nice to share.

What’s fun is when I stumble on stuff I haven’t seen for a while. So it was with some Dark Horse Comics material from the 1990s. Remember that whole Comics Greatest World thing that was Dark Horse’s attempt to capitalize on comic book gimmickry?  Well, setting aside Barb Wire, X, and the guy with the dragon tattoo, the best story to come from that arc was Ghost.

Wallpaper for Ghost, Dark Horse ComicsGhost was an interesting character. She was a woman that had been brutally murdered and had returned to sleuth out who done her wrong. In the course of the series she met nefarious demons and corrupt humans, all of whom she would try to dispatch with her trusty Colt 45s. C’mon. That’s just cool. The Ghost stories were smarter by far than a lot of the other pseudo-other-world tripe of the time. It reminded me a lot of the Mage series by Matt Wagner.

Bellechere the Cosplayer as Ghost from Dark Horse Comics
This isn’t Yvonne Epstein. It’s BelleChere, the incredibly talented cosplayer.

Anyway, one of the covers to the comics, Ghost Special #2, is actually a photograph of a live model rather than a drawing or painting. The art created around her is haunting and surreal, and it’s just  one of the coolest photographic covers on comic books. The model is quite fetching and she’s credited as “Yvonne Epstein.” I’d forgotten about this cover but then used it several months ago in another post. As I was cleaning up some old folders tonight, I found the scan along with some modified images based on the cover. I was curious about this Yvonne Epstein and did a quick Google search to see if she had done any other Ghost work. If so, I couldn’t find anything. So I did a search for Yvonne Epstein as a model and got nada. So, oh well, but I’m still curious. Who the hell is Yvonne Epstein?

As for Ghost, Dark Horse has picked up the series again. Go check it out.

Dark Horse Comics, Yvonne Epstein, model for Ghost Special #2.
This is Yvonne Epstein. She modeled for the cover of Ghost Special #2. And then she disappeared.


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