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Guest Review of Man of Steel by Jason F. SmithHere’s another review from Jason F. Smith. Tremendous apologies to writer and readers alike. I had this sitting in my email and I just kept forgetting to sit down and add it.  If you’re thinking of renting or purchasing the movie, hear what Jason has to say about it.  Since there’s a possibility that a youngster or discriminating parent may read this review, I’ve taken the liberty to water down some of Jason’s more colorful language.

It’s been a heck week here and yesterday at about 3:25 I had had enough. I told my son Riley to get up and we were going to the movie. In Heber, we had Man of Steel and Monsters University as choices, and I hated Man of Steel. At 3:40 we arrived to the 3:30 showing of Monsters University, handily skipping all the previews, and sat down.

Let me just say: Perfect Movie.

  • The animation is incredible. It just gets better and better in terms of quality of looking real.
  • The animation of the monsters and the campus was also absolutely incredible, the feel of a college campus was evoked while at the same time each frame was chock full of details and bits and hidden little jokes.
  • The two main voice actors, Billy Crystal and John Goodman are absolutely perfect.
  • The story… perfect. Not a single itch. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Never once do you go… what the …? NEVER ONCE.
  • The characters, motivations, are intricate, yet simple, and believable. There were genuine moments of emotional honestly, and my heart filled with emotion more than once.

And… the writing was always ‘fresh’, clever, and funny. This can’t be understated: The story itself surprises you, and yet it doesn’t. It delivers what you expect, but in a surprising way, without having to be hokey and irritating. That is a skill lost in Hollywood. The desire to ‘surprise’ you like in that hokeyTom Cruise movie Oblivion led them to the stupidest decisions. Pixar has no need to do that. They surprise you within the story, yet fulfill your expectations. No need to make you gasp. Instead… you just smile and nod your head.

If I had one word describing this storytelling? Graceful. It’s gracefully done.

And finally, seeing it with my 17 year old son was a trip, because as a child he LOVED Monsters Incorporated, it was one of those DVDs that he watched over and over again at home. Now grown up to watch it from a more adult angle, he really enjoyed it, and the time we spent together. It was cathartic magic.

Am I blowing this movie up out of proportion? Probably. But man it hit the spot.


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