North Korean Leftovers

Several weeks ago I thought it might be fun to hit 500 posts and 200,000 page views at the same time. So, I sort of paced things out and figured the stars would align sometime in November. But, the recent “mature audience” posts I’ve been doing have skewed my daily averages significantly. This is my 457th post and I’ve only got 9,000 page views to go. I suppose I could stick with the “quality is everything” principle and just let the 200,000 milestone happen regardless of the number of posts I’ve done, but I have no principles and this is the world’s most irresponsible blog (says I, irresponsibly).

So, I’m going to give it the old college try and see if I can produce 43 posts in what I’m projecting to be less than a month. Of course, I’m out of luck if I keep getting the occasional bumps I’ve gotten recently. I’m sure you fellow casual bloggers can report your own surprise runs on particular posts.  I did a post on The Top 20 Most Interesting Flags in the World several weeks ago and somehow it got picked up on Reddit and I ended up with almost 1,000 views on that post alone yesterday. Of course, not all attention is appreciated. I apparently pissed off a few vexillologists (flag nerds) since they left scathing remarks on Reddit. Well, it’s bound to happen. Did I mention I blog irresponsibly? At least two people liked my post and offered some helpful information on the British flag (thank you Dylan and Ian).

Anyway, what the hell does that have to do with North Korea? Nothing! But I need to submit a post and if you’re still reading, I’ve provided you with one of my trademark joke pictures. Does anyone laugh at these but me? Eh. Whatever. I enjoy laughing at my own jokes.

Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman satire
You may recall that Dennis “The Worm” Rodman visited Kim “The Chubby Bunny” Jong-un in North Korea a few months ago as some sort of bizarre gesture of good will or something. When Sean Penn does it, his approach may be annoyingly pedantic but he’s a workhorse and the causes he espouses actually matter. I have no idea what Rodman was up to. Anyway, this image was begging for a funny-funny. And if you’ve been watching Breaking Bad, you’ll see that I’ve been influenced by Jesse’s lingo. Yo.
Kim Jong-un on cover of Time Magazine, February 2012
This Time magazine cover came out over a year and half ago. I let it go to waste in my Unsorted folder so I might as well use it now.


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