Star Wars Tusken Raiders

I have so many pictures of things I know are tough to find online. It was probably a waste of time to scan a lot of them, but if you’re like me, it’s frustrating to go look for something rare or esoteric and not find it (or find only a tiny picture). So, I’ve tried to snag things that may be unique. Where possible, I’ve created large images so you can size them to your taste. I don’t care if you use the images. Obviously, they’re scans of objects I didn’t create anyway. What I do ask, if possible, is that you give credit or link back to my site so others can find Comics A-Go-Go! You’re clearly under no obligation. I’m just asking.

I have a ton of Star Wars stuff that I have scanned and may scan in the future. These Tusken Raider pictures came from a card back to a figurine of the Star Wars characters. I don’t remember who was handing them out but I really liked the images.

Tusken Raider figurine

Tusken Raider face Tusken Raider Statues

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