Samuree Crotch Shots

Samuree to the rescue! My search engine rankings took a dive this week. You know what that means? MORE SEX! I can always count on my nasty posts to jack up the numbers again.  I’m was hoping for 20,000 views this month, but given that there’s only one day left, I’m shooting for 18,000 and need a final push to get there. This Samuree Crotch Shots post will put the numbers over the top for sure and may go well past 18,000. I’m counting on your adult comic trolling habits, guys. How shameful is that? I should care, but I don’t.

I’m not going to bother with much detail since you really only care about the picture. So, here’s a summary of Samuree. She was created by Neal Adams or someone that worked for him at Continuity Comics sometime in the 1980s. She’s a martial artist. She wears 1980s poofy shoulder pads and a high cut, cameltoe revealing thong. That’s it.

Samuree, sexy comic book character revealing crotch


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