Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards

Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards

I pulled out my Star Wars Galaxy card stuff and found some gems worth posting. If you’re a first timer, you should be aware that one of the points of this website is to find images of things you may not commonly find online and scan to post them in medium-to-large format. Hope you enjoy. As always, feel free to copy or link to them. I’d love it if you put a credit out there to drive traffic to my site. Not necessary but it would be appreciated.

Here are the Star Wars Galaxy foil chase (special, rare) cards from Series I (1993) and II (1994) by Topps. The illustration was done by Walt Simonson. There are 12 total cards with six in the first series (seen to the left) and six in the second series (seen on the right). When combined, the cards form a single illustration. I matched them up to show you what it looks like. Click on the image for a huge version (make sure you click on the image when it opens up to get the biggest view).

Star Wars Galaxy Foil Chase Cards, Series 1 and 2

Here’s a cool signing card handed out at the 1994 Comic-Con by Topps. The artists from the Galaxy series were representing and I got a sketch of Darth Vader by Thom ??? … I didn’t catch his last name. Can anyone help? Fantastic Millennium Falcon picture, huh? Holy hell. I just realized I got this card almost 20 years ago. What … the … <really bad expletive>. Getting old is cool since I’ve had a ton of fantastic experiences, but it also means getting old. Damn.

Star Wars Day 1994 Millennium Falcon signing card

This is a full size promo sheet for the Star Wars Galaxy trading card set. I don’t remember if I got this at Comic-Con or from a Diamond Previews catalog. It must have been the former because I have signature from Mike Lemos.  His illustration is the one of Greedo getting his chest blown out.

Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards Promo Sheet Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards Promo Sheet

The following are a bunch of promo cards from the Star Wars Galaxy trading card series. The Chewbacca and Han Solo card was signed by artist Joe Phillips.

Star Wars Galaxy Trading Card, signed by Joe Phillips

Star Wars Galaxy Trading Card, Darth Vader Star Wars Galaxy Trading Card, Boba Fett Star Wars Galaxy Trading Card, Count Dooku Star Wars Galaxy Trading Card, Leia by Brian Stelfreeze Star Wars Galaxy Trading Card, Bounty Hunters by Cam Kennedy

I think this promo sheet actually did come out of a Star Wars Galaxy Magazine issue. The magazine was a short lived publication that usually had promo cards inserted with the magazine in a polybag. I included the back on this because I had the Brothers Hildebrant (Greg and Tim) sign the card sheet at Comic-Con.

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine Promo Card Sheet Star Wars Galaxy Magazine Promo Card Sheet signed by the Brothers Hildebrandt

This card sheet has an illustration of Jabba the Hutt by Sam Kieth. I like Sam. Sam I am … not Sam?

Star Wars Galaxy Promo Card Sheet by Sam Kieth

And lastly, the Pièce de résistance. Dave Stevens was a bit more accessible in the early 1990s when I was first going to the Comic-Cons. I got him to sign his illustration of Luke Skywalker for the card set. Pretty frickin’ sweet.

Illustration of Luke Skywalker, signed by Dave Stevens Dave Stevens bio for Star Wars Galaxy Trading Card set by Topps


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  1. Go-Go – I have an ancient collection of Empire Strikes Back trading cards from back when the movie came out. I just found it while digging… remind me some time after a while and I’ll scan a few of them and write up about them.)

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