Random Basement Comics

Here’s another entry by Jason F. Smith. It seems he’s got the digging-for-gold-or-bust Jonesing that I got with that stupid long box of 1990s horrors.  Have a go, Brother Jason!

Guest Contributor, Jason F. Smith

Inspired by Comics A-Go-Go!’s July 6th, 2013 Post entitled Shades of Comics-Cons I went to the basement and randomly pulled four boxes of comics and four comics from them. The pull was quite interesting. I’ll go through them.

First up, DC Comics Doom Patrol #108, from December 1966. – I had to do a little research, because the comic doesn’t credit who wrote or drew it. It appears to have been written by Arnold Drake and Bob Haney, with art by Bruno Premiani. The first run of the comic ended in 1968 when DC cancelled it and Drake killed everyone off. It started by converting itself from a comic called My Greatest Adventure into The Doom Patrol (starting with issue #86). This issue’s story was pretty uninspiring. I can see why they eventually cancelled it.

Doom Patrol #108

Next up, The Defenders 102, from December 1981 – Story by J.M. DeMatteis and Art by Perlin, Sinnott, Trapani & Abel.  Lovable Jim Shooter is Editor in Chief!

The Defenders (Marvel Comics) #102

The next one I randomly pulled was Mage 13, from June 1986 by Matt Wagner.  (This should make Comics Go-Go happy! [editorial comment: yes, it does!])

Mage: The Hero Discovered #13

Finally, I pulled Fantastic Four #71!  Which still has my old sale price sticker of $30.00. I just looked it up and it’s gone down to around $25.00.  Boo!  It’s by  Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and February 1968!  Hell that was before I was born!  This was a fun issue to revisit.

Fantastic Four #71

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