Sexy and Dangerous Bad Girls: Razor and Sade in Black & White

Razor Uncut pinup, Brian Monroe and Michael Bair
Razor Uncut pinup, Brian Monroe and Michael Bair

The infernal long box continues to vomit forth some rather interesting goodies. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I completely missed the bad girl scene in the 1990s … well, independent press anyway. I was reading Daredevil when Ann Nocenti and John Romita Jr. introduced Typhoid Mary and scared the manhood out of fanboys like me.

After rejoining the comic book scene in the late 2000s, I went back to see what had passed me by. Mind you, I left comic book reading behind during that horrific period when Image Comics and its bastard children blasted un-depleted uranium shells from their massive guns. So, as I thumbed through comics at Comic-Con and saw that tripe in $1 boxes everywhere, I was both smug and sad — smug because I think those abominations got their just deserts, and sad because I had walked away while there was still a ton of good stuff hidden in the cracks.

Anyway, you don’t give a shit about my forlorn misery. You’re here for the violent sexual imagery that I uncovered while browsing through the box. There were several London Night Studios comics including this gem.

Sade comic book character from London Nights Studios

Sade is apparently a sado-masochistic  vigilante of sorts. After each kill she gets off by adding a new piercing to her body. In this particular comic, the first page shows Sade writhing around as she pierces a nipple.

WARNING: the pictures are linked to larger images that have nudity. 

Sade, adult comic book character, censored picture Sade, adult comics, censored

Here’s some more … Razor is the flagship character from London Night. Her eponymous series is very violent and highly sexualized.  Razor’s character is driven by revenge, hunting down members of the criminal organization that murdered her father. Along the way, she too is murdered but comes back corporeal somehow along the lines of The Crow. Actually, it’s also along the lines of Ghost (Dark Horse Comics) which I think is fantastic and far less gratuitous than Razor. The following images were extracted from promotional pages in one of the comics. Enjoy.

Razor comic book character, sex and violence, infographic

Razor, sexy comic book character 001
Razor, sexy comic book character 003

.Razor, sexy comic book character 002Razor, sexy comic book character 004



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