How the Hell Do You Turn Off Infinite Scroll in the Bueno Theme?!

Damn it all to hell and back. My blog is chock-full of graphic goodness but it comes at a price. I can’t figure out a way to turn off the Infinite Scroll function so the pages just keep piling up. You know how much I like posting big ass images (well, yeah, that too, but I meant the other meaning) so there are dozens of 100k (and more) sized pictures that the site has to handle as the posts unfold before your glistening eyes.

I’m using the Bueno theme which in general I really like, although I should look into freshening it up since my blog is almost two years old. Suggestions? From my cursory reading in forums and in poking around in Settings, it appears that I don’t have the option of disabling it. So what does that mean? Yeah, if you’re coming in the front door, you only see a fraction of the amazing, mind-blowing fun I can unload on you.

I think I’ll have to disable the Sexy Babe of the Day Gallery and just put in a link.  “Aw, man” is right.

BAH!!Bueno Theme, WordPress

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