Brazil is more progressive than the U.S.

We all appreciate a bit of Catwoman ass. Sexploitation is a central theme in comic bookery. But Brazilians don’t mind mixing it up for even more provocativeness . The Brazilian versions of Batman The New 52 #0 and Catwoman The New 52 #0 mix things up a bit to reflect their liberal sensibilities when it comes to transgender characters. Here are the American and Brazilian versions. As for the Catwoman pose, I remember looking like that once when I tried to do a flip over a sofa … except the arch in my mid-back was severely hyperextended the wrong way across the back of the furniture and I’m pretty sure my face didn’t look as serene as Selina’s. She’s a mighty flexible gal, that Catwoman.

Catwoman and Batman 52 #0 issues from the U.S.A. Catwoman and Batman 52 #0 issues from Brazil

And here’s your bonus. The Catwoman spine-breaker image above reminded me of a chick I saw on Discovery Channel’s “Is It Possible?”. I found a picture of her in a costume close enough to Catwoman’s just for the effect. Sorry, I don’t feel like manipulating her head and hair to look even more like Catwoman. I feel lazier than normal tonight. Anyway, her name is Zlata and she’s about the bendiest contortionist I’ve ever seen. Ouch. Cringe. Egad.

Zlata the Contortionist in Black Latex


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