Comic-Con Posters and Wallpapers

Strictly speaking some of these images can be found elsewhere, but I made these from items I picked up at San Diego Comic Con International conventions over the years. I scanned and touched them up to make some cool wallpapers, if I don’t mind saying so myself and I really don’t mind that I do.

First up…Archer. Damn I wanted to go to that panel. Archer is one of the funniest shows on TV right now. How could I not like it? Bond. Sterling Bond. Lana “Big Hands, Hips, Tits, and Ass” Kane. Narcissism. Strangulation fetish (OK, it’s actually creepy, but funny). Cartoon booze (you know, the kind that doesn’t actually degrade your mind and cause you to drive into a loaded school bus). Lots of flip violence. Gosh. It’s like Christmas all season long.

Archer TV series poster from Comic-Con

Next, Before the Dawn promo comic for the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Movie in 2014.

Promo Comic for Before the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

X. Dark Horse has relaunched some of the characters from their Comics Greatest World series (published in the 1990s) and X is one of the books I’m most interested in. X is kind of like the Punisher, except he’s one-eyed and looks like he’s into S&M.

X poster from Dark Horse Comics

Here’s one that was frustrating. This handout sheet is for a … I don’t know what. I don’t even remember how I ended up with it, but after doing some sleuthing (yeah, a website URL would have been a good idea, guys), I discovered that this is some sort of project maybe called Xtreme Team 5 by a publisher named Allegory. Duh. That’s all I could figure out what with me being lazy and all.

Allegory Comics promo from Comic-Con

Legend of Korra! I like the Avatar, Airbender stuff. It’s even cooler that there are strong Steampunk themes in Korra. This promo is for a very neat-o book I was too cheap to buy.

Legend of Korra artwork promo

This Sideshow Collectibles promo sheet was actually from a while back, but it’s still cool. It does make me laugh though since it reminds me of this (scroll down to “Black Market Follies”).

Promo Sheet for Sideshow Collectibles

The Spiderwick Chronicles was a children’s fantasy/horror series that rode the Harry Potter tsunami like one of my other favorites, A Series of Unfortunate Events. These series had nothing to do with Rowling’s juggernaut but I think they benefited by igniting broad interest in the genre. I met the author (Holly Black) and illustrator (Tony DiTerlizzi) at the 2007 Con. Charming folk. I told Holly how much I appreciated her stories since it was one of the only things my son was interested in reading that wasn’t displayed on a TV screen with the words “Choose your Weapon.” These images are of very cool 3-D lenticular postcard-sized promos. Slick, huh?

Lenticular promo card for The Spiderwick Chronicles Lenticular SDCC promo card for The Spiderwick Chronicles

Thanos by Adam Kubert; the artwork for the Infinity mini-series.

Thanos by Adam Kubert

And lastly, a Walking Dead promo card. Yes, it was from the 2012 Comic-Con. [Shh. I have a secret. I still haven’t finished Season 2. What the hell?! OK, already, I’m on it! Netflix – come to papa!]

The Walking Dead San Diego Comic-Con promo


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