Do You Want To Be Free, by Mickey Zero

Post-Punk Minimalist Nihilism

I’ve been following Mickey Zero since I discovered him on was a fantastic source for budding artists to post their music and gain a following in a way that wouldn’t have been possible through traditional record stores and radio. Think of it as kind of a limited precursor to Pandora.

Maurice Ravel - Bolero -10 - Bo DerekMickey is sort of a post-punk minimalist, nihilistic musician. I guess. I suck at music genres because I just listen to what feels good at any point in time. I’m just as comfortable watching sanguine songs on “The Voice” as I am to A Particularly Vicious Rumor or Esquivel or Ravel or System of a Down or Owl City or Black Sabbath or Benny Benassi or Bella Ferraro … I guess I’m just into whatever fits my mood (or what I want to fit my mood) in the moment. Mickey fits the compact, brooding mood that I get when I want everything else to go away for a minute.

I really like this relatively recent song by Mickey. And yes, I do want to be free, Mickey. Not sure from what, but yeah.

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