Comic-Con Day 3: Pictures from San Diego, Famous People

I passed by several booths doing signings. Here are some of them.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox: Cary Elwes, Vanessa Marshall, Jay Oliva, Sam Daly, Jim Krieg at the Warner Bros.

The Following: Kevin Bacon, Valerie Curry, and a bunch of others at the Fox booth.

Gravity (which F-ing rocked in the 3-D trailer at the Gravity bus outside the Con): Sandra Bullock and others at the Warner Bros. booth.

Agents of Shield: Joss Whedon, Gregg Clark, Jeph Loeb at the Marvel booth.

Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings) at the something-something booth that sells movie props).

Paula Garcés (Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) who created a new comic called Aluna about a Hispanic heroine.

Paul Guinan and a bunch of others talking about breaking into the comic book industry.

Sam Kieth, who made an exceptionally rare appearance (he last appeared 10 years ago).

Some MMA fighter or something. His entourage went down the aisle yelling “make a hole” and he was accompanied by two bimbos. He then got into the Walking Dead cage and took some celebrity shots. Pretentious prick. If anyone knows who the hell he is, let me know so I can disparage him more specifically. And if he finds out how to get to me, I will still call him “frenentit prik” after he knocks my teeth out.

Later, I was behind the WB booth looking for an outlet to my phone. I got caught in the middle of security people yelling “Move back! Move back! Everybody clear the area.” I couldn’t get out of the mangled mess of humanity very well, so I started chiming in “Move back! Move back! Important people coming! You are not important! Clear the area!” I got a couple of chuckles from the others who were likewise annoyed by the change in the geographic/demographic arrangement. I can sometimes be funny.

Famous People at Comic-Con 2013 Part 1


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