Comic-Con 2013: Day 0

La Jolla, California Caves Panorama

I came into San Diego with friends a day early so we could hit the ocean for some snorkeling. La Jolla is a great place for that, so we decided to go there.

I’ve been to San Diego several times and used to enjoy picnics and swimming in the park and main beach with family. The last time I was here was several years ago so I was amazed at how much it has changed. There a ton of new commercial buildings and homes and the place was crowded. We couldn’t find any parking anywhere on the street so we used a paid location across the street from the Cave Store on Coast Blvd.

We rented some gear and headed down to Scripps Park with its tiny little beach to get into the water. The water was pleasantly warm and relatively clear so we did some quick reconnaissance in that area and then headed along the coast line north-eastward towards La Jolla Underwater Park (the main beach). I was the only one with snorkeling experience so I waited frequently for the others to catch up. It was worth it though.

We saw a ton of seals, orange Garabaldi, several other types of fish, a couple of rays, and … the awesome leopard sharks. The water was murky by the time we got to the sharks but I we still managed to see them up close. I bought a crappy little disposable waterproof  camera so I hope I have some OK pictures when I get them developed.

We were trying to reach the park but the other guys wore out so we headed back to the cove area. By the time we got half way back, they were beat so we got out and climbed up the hillside to get to the boardwalk on the coast line trail. We swam about a mile total so I was impressed with their efforts and felt like we had enjoyed a full experience.

Now, it’s on to the Comic-Con. We’re going in a little late so I won’t have any news from the initial rush but we’re still early enough I think.

La Jolla Cliff by Cave La Jolla Cave Seal Basking in the Sun La Jolla Cave Seals


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