Shades of Comic-Cons Past: 2005

Comic-Con Program Guide 2005OK, here is the second in my series of Comic-Con pics. This go around is from 2005. I wish I had pictures from the Cons I visited in the 1990s, but digital cameras didn’t exist back then and I was too cheap to go buy a 35mm. Wish I had though.

Speaking of wishing, I wish I could find all of the other pictures I took at this Con. I had a horrible little 1 megapixel camera on my HP IPAQ PDA (remember those?) that did poorly in the light, but I had some interesting shots of cosplayers and professional guests. Oh well, here’s what I found at the bottom of one of my folders.

The display case showing artifacts from the Star Wars movie were pretty cool. That’s Luke Skywalker’s prosthetic hand, his lightsaber, and Han’s blaster. Why the hell I have three shots of the Hot Wheel’s car and nothing for Batman Begins, Sin City, V for Vendetta, Pan’s Labyrinth, cosplayers, The Masquerade (oh, yeah, I didn’t go to that), and the long lines? At least I found my picture of Michael Chabon writing a sign for my friend Terry asking him to stop stalking him. Terry had the habit of sending every one of Michael’s books to him for signature. I think Michael was doing that at that point in his career, but still…

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4 thoughts on “Shades of Comic-Cons Past: 2005”

  1. Those were awesome! Not a lot of them, but they were awesome to see. Do we have ANY pictures from when we went? I don’t think so. Are you on your way down there yet? Are you going for the five full days? Your pictures make me want to take my wife down there and walk around, but I don’t know what we would actually do….

    1. No pics, dagnabbit. As for going, bear in mind that you wouldn’t get in. You can’t buy tickets on site. They only sell them over the phone and the blocks sell out in just a few minutes after the online system opens. There are 130,000 attendees, and that’s a capped number. The San Diego Fire Marshall almost shut the Con down a couple of years ago so the SDCC had to limit the tickets. The entire convention center plus the neighboring hotels are now in full use. Once the contract expires in 2015, they are looking at moving to LA to support the demand, although San Diego is looking to build new convention center space close by to keep the Con in SD.So, if you’re going to go, you may be able to get into the ancillary events (which aren’t worth the drive in my opinion). Next year, you should do what I do: get your profile set up (only those that pre-register to pre-register can buy tickets), log in, and wait for 9am. At exactly 9am, you will click to enter the online waiting room. If you are lucky enough to be in the low 10,000s, you have a shot of getting into at least some of the days. I was in at around 20,000 last year but the tickets sold out once I was around 6,000. Most people buy tickets for themselves and others. That means that 20,000 in line may be 80,000 tickets back. I was in line with myself, my friend, and my son. They were several thousand behind me so I bought all 3 of my tickets as quickly as my fingers could fly. We actually scored 4 day passes! The preview night+4 day pass was gone several thousand tickets ahead of me. I don’t care. Preview night was a bitch the last time I went (2007). Much more crowded than it was in the early 2000s.

      So, the long and short of it is that it’s a crap shoot. You are also not able to buy tickets for the following year at the Con. Everything is online. If you don’t get in the first batch, you can try for the follow-up batch. If that fails, you have one last shot when the returns are processed in May. That’s how I got Thursday and Sunday last year. So, if you’re interested in going, we should tag team for 2014. It’s incredibly crowded, but it’s awesome!

      1. Well… that’s a bit crazy. The days of just showing up and buying a ticket to wander the dealer hall is over? We should start looking into it for next year, like you suggest. Meanwhile, I AM going to Gen Con in Indianapolis. It doesn’t have a cap. Anyone can go… 🙂

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