Rob Liefeld Takes it to the Extreme!

Extreme logo for Rob Liefeld comics

Rob Liefeld’s “art” and “storytelling” are so over the top that sometimes I feel fatigued just seeing the cover of one of his comic books. I’ve made so much fun of Rob in this post that I suspect I will get a call from his legal representatives. Except, maybe I won’t since I get around 10,000 page views a month and his site probably gets 100,000+. Or maybe he’s just waiting for Comic-Con so he can punch me. Or maybe I’m just one of many that have mocked him and he’s just to it all. Well, why stop now?

The Regex one is my favorite. The Prophet toy is just so ridiculous I can’t stand it. Enjoy my additional posts on Rob Liefeld when you’re done here.

Rob Liefeld Extreme Comics Regex comics by Rob Liefeld Prophet figure by Extreme Toys Parody of Extreme The End is Now Advertising


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5 thoughts on “Rob Liefeld Takes it to the Extreme!”

  1. It’s hard not to make fun of Rob. I met him at one of the Diamond Distributor meetings, either in Atlanta or Baltimore, (I think it was Atlanta) and he was… super NICE. Really nice guy. Just nice. Happy. Pleasant. Really excited and enthusiastic. He’s a Libra, which explains a lot. He’s always up in his head with great ideas, a total air sign with lots of Charisma, but very little substance! I liked him. He was great. I can’t mock someone who was that nice to me. Can I? I can say I don’t ‘prefer’ his art or stories.

    1. My comments should be taken in stride. I mock the concept of Rob not the man. Of course it’s hard to differentiate when is an actual person that creates the mess. It’s too bad. Rob may be a nice guy and it may have been with good intentions, but he still very seriously impacted comic books in a negative way. Bizarrely, he may have actually helped prevent the collapse of the hobby, though. I don’t know if it would have gone mainstream without all the marketing and appeal to a readership that was looking for something more in line with the technological actin films that were now possible with special effects. Conjecture, yes but I think it was so.

  2. I agree. Comics had to evolve into something different. The joys I got as a kid of riding my bike down to 7-11 to get the newest issue of Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man (My first was issue #99) are sadly over. Rob’s art also hit at a time when coloring and paper upgrades made even shitty art like his look a ton better than the 4 color fare we were getting for 50 years before that. The thing to remember is it’s a self correcting thing. Once we got used to the flair, we got over it, and went back to art that was good and stories that made sense. Or somewhat so. Comics are almost irrelevant now, sadly.

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