First Mike Mignola Cover Art: Dominic Fortune, The Spirit, and Doc Samson

I found this fan mag in another old box of comics. It’s been fun rediscovering things I haven’t seen for over 25 years.

Comic Reader 196 cover by Mike Mignola

This is the cover of Comic Reader #196. It’s Mike Mignola’s first artwork for a front cover. Mike’s drawing of the three iconic characters, Dominic Fortune, The Spirit, and Doc Samson is so different than the angular, shadow-heavy art style that he eventually developed.

The Comic Reader magazine was a monthly news publication that featured articles and brief summaries of upcoming releases.  It’s how people found out about the latest and greatest in comic bookery before the introduction of the paper-killing juggernaut we call the Internet.  I don’t regret the evolution of popular graphical arts at all, but it’s fun to be nostalgic every now and then.

Incidentally, here’s a story about Mike’s early iteration of Hellboy that I wrote for a previous post. Mike’s become an industry icon, but everyone has to start somewhere. I also have a signed copy of Rocket Raccoon #1. I have no idea why it occurred to me to get that particular book signed so many years ago since he was already doing stuff for Dark Horse, but, well, there you go.

And here’s you bonus: Mike’s recent artwork from Hellboy in Hell.

Hellboy in Hell #1 cover art by Mike Mignola Hellboy in Hell Pinup by Mike Mignola


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