Shades of Comic-Cons past: 2004

2004 Comic-Con Program Book cover by Jack KirbySince the Comic-Con is coming up, I rummaged through my old pictures and boxes and found a bunch of treats. I’m going to post a sampling of them over the next couple of weeks in nervous anticipation of the July event.

2004 was a big year for Lord of the Rings. I think it was because there were so many residual products that were introduced to take advantage of the massive success of the films. It seemed like everyone had something related to the Lord of the Rings … statuettes, games, DVDs, artwork etc. I loved the costumes that were used in the films. Check them out in the gallery.

In addition to the Lord of the Rings, Hellboy and AVP (Alien vs. Predator) peaked my interest. Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman signed autographs in the Dark Horse booth so I snagged a couple of pics of them. AVP ended up as a huge disappointment for me (and apparently for audiences in general), but the tie-in items at the Con were interesting.

If you want to see big images of the pictures in the gallery, click on the lower right hand corner. Enjoy.

Storm Troopers at the Comic Con Gollum, My Precious

Joker Poster at Alex Ross


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3 thoughts on “Shades of Comic-Cons past: 2004”

  1. The things you find in your boxes while rummaging… I may just go down to the basement and see what I can find. This makes me remember San Diego with more fondness than I think it actually deserves… maybe I should go down again some day and relive the fantasy.

    1. Comic-Con is completely different now than it was in the early 1990s when we went. There are over 130,000 attendees and the entire convention center plus some surrounding facilities are used. Comparatively, there were less than 40,000 attendees when we went and only a couple of the halls were used. Most of the big stuff now is related to movies, TV shows, video games, anime, and comics related media. Comic book vendors are getting fewer each year and the big publishing houses spend as much or more time promoting the tie-in movies and games as they do the comics. The creators tables are less crowded and the prices on comics from our reading era can be outrageously low in price. The cosplay has gone professional in many instances so the costumes and themes are incredible.

      So, I don’t see the Con as much as a comic book event as a chance to participate in a broad swath of pop culture. I actually don’t mind the transition. There are still plenty of comics related things but the new flashy stuff makes the place even more interesting. The only downside are the horrific crowds.

      You should go down and look through your inventory. You probably have some gems you’ve forgotten about. And if you’re ever looking to get a return on your investment, you shouldn’t wait. Comic books from the bronze age forward are becoming less and less valuable.

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