Femforce’s Nemesis, the Sexy Rad!

Femforce Logo with Rad graffiti

Going back through some old comics recently, I uncovered books I never read. I’m not even entirely sure where I got them. Most of it was a bunch of 1980s DCs, but there was a section of 80s independents that I think a friend dumped on me years ago when he was moving.

Anyway, I pulled out a comic called Nightveil because the cover artist’s signature caught my eye. It was early work by Erik Larsen, pre-Savage Dragon. I love seeing how artists evolve their style so it was fun to flip through the pages and see his less-disciplined style. As for Nightveil, it’s a comic that was (is?) put out by a company called A.C. Comics, which was started by a dude named Bill Black in 1985.

Rad from Femforce with a chainThe flagship title of the company is Femforce (Federal Emergency Missions Force). I didn’t realize it until I did some reading up on Wikipedia, but its apparently still in publication. Femforce is a comic book series about a team of super-heroines that work for a government agency. What’s interesting about the series is that Bill Black combines new characters he and his cohorts created with old characters from the 1940s and 1950s that were no longer copyrighted.  Nightveil is one of the characters that was resurrected from the past.

Anyway, the illustration on the back of the Nightveil comic was so 1980s and therefore super-nostalgic for me, so was interested in finding out more about the character. Her name is Rad and she’s apparently a supervillain who used to be a hero and part of Femforce. I don’t have any of the Femforce comics so that ends my knowledge about her. I like the way she looks with her “radical” 1980s hair, face star and sexy outfit so I grabbed a bunch of pictures to share. Here you go.

Femforce Rad looking sexy and smug

Rad from Femforce looking sexy

Femforce's Rad, Long Poster

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2 thoughts on “Femforce’s Nemesis, the Sexy Rad!”

  1. Rad was originally another public domain character Ms. Victory. Basically the female Captain America with super-soldier formula but no shield. There’s about thirty years of complicated history/storylines but, I won’t go into all that.

    1. Thanks for the comment on Rad/Ms. Victory. I love the reworking of older characters to give them a more modern, mature spin. As for mislabeling Black Canary as Zatanna, thanks for pointing that out. I and others have found a bunch of other mistakes, unfortunately.

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