Milk & Cheese Hate Comics!

I love Milk & Cheese comics. They’re stories are cathartic.

Milk & Cheese comicsEvan Dorkin created Milk & Cheese in the 1980s as a personal in-joke with friends but the strips were so damn good they were picked up for publication and eventually the world was Evan’s oyster. Or his cesspool. Either way, plenty of mayhem was the result. If you haven’t read Milk & Cheese, here’s a quick litmus test to see if you would like them:

Please answer Yes or No to the following question: “Are you easily annoyed by anyone at any time or place?” If you answer “Yes” you will like Milk & Cheese. If you answer “No” you are one of the people one would find in a Milk & Cheese strip.

These pages were scanned out of a Slave Labor Graphics Free Comic Book Day thing. Evan spares no one from his vitriol, even his fellow hobbyists. It must be hard living with so much hate, Evan. Thank you for your willingness to carry the burden.

Milk & Cheese destroy comics Evan Dorkin's Milk & Cheese


Milk and Cheese comic book characters, Black Humor


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