Soulfire Poster by Michael Turner

Continuing the rummaging through my thousands of images, I found this gorgeous poster. It’s an illustration of Grace (I think), a character created by Michael Turner for his book titled “Soulfire” and published by Aspen MLT. Since I haven’t read any of the comics, I can only comment on the image itself. Beautiful, huh? Besides the obviously attractive female, the brightness of the light and the wash of colors make this an artistically appealing image for me. Enjoy.

Grace from Soulfire by Michael Turner

3 thoughts on “Soulfire Poster by Michael Turner

  1. I didn’t know that Michael has passed. I was a fan of his artwork though not necessarily his stories. Sad that he isn’t with us anymore. This is indeed a cool artistic image.

    1. I did not know he had passed either. I actually know nothing about him other than his illustrations are lush and his women are more attractive than those by three other Image boys.

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