Batman/Joker Spectra Chase Card by Simon Bisley

I went on a scanning binge a couple of Saturdays ago. With no particular place to go and I being too tired to do any real work, I made images of a bunch of stuff and will be posting them periodically. I’m focusing on showcasing  large scans of unique items that may not be too easily found from other sources online. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting and useful.

Back in the early 1990s as the sports card world discovered the collectibility of comic books, an explosion of non-sport trading cards flowed out of established producers like Fleer and Skybox. Soon, a bunch of new players cropped up and joined the fray with their own properties or those properties for which the acquired the rights.

Very quickly new technologies like holofoils and graphix chromiums and translucent ice cards and turbo laser thunderbolt armageddon metal extreme cards or some such woo-hoo pushed the manufacturers to up the ante on gimmickry. Yes, I fell for it. At one point, I was buying more comic book cards than I was comic books themselves. It was fun.

DC Comics Edition Master Series 1994 Skybox Trading CardsDC Comics worked with Impel in the early 1990s to release a series of cards depicting characters in its universe. Then, in 1994 Skybox and DC teamed up to release a Master Series version of the DC universe. Master Series cards are typically on heavier stock with glossier finishing and have higher quality artwork which is often contributed by a variety of well established artists. We bought a box and put together a set or two. Out of the box came a wicked “spectra” foil double sided chase (i.e., special, rare) card by Simon Bisley. It was numbered DS2 and depicted Batman on one side and Joker on the other.  Here it is with scans of front and back side by side.

Batman Master Series DS2 Trading Card from Skybox, Batman and Joker by Simon Bisley

And here’s your bonus. Can you tell me how all of these people are connected?

Rupert Murdoch, Eunice Huthart, Angelina Jolie, and Simon Bisley


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