X-Factor Covers: Various from 71-108

Just like the Uncanny X-Men post, here are some covers from roughly the same time period. It starts from issue 71, which is when a new team was formed: Valerie Cooper (government liaison), Havok, Multiple Man, Polaris, Quicksilver, Strong Guy, and Wolfsbane.

The stories in the early issues of this series were written by Peter David and drawn by Larry Stroman. Larry is also famous for the biggest ass on a woman in comics: Rosalyn of Tribe.

X-Factor Covery Gallery

Big Ass Rosalyn!

Larry Stroman apparently likes ’em big.

Larry Stroman's character Rosalyn from Tribe Rosalyn from Tribe by Larry Stroman


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4 thoughts on “X-Factor Covers: Various from 71-108”

  1. I enjoying seeing these old covers again. Always a Peter David Fan, but never much of an X-Factor Fan… good to see these again however! Thanks!

    1. You, sir, are most welcome. Yes, I remember the Peter David thing. Whenever I look at a Todd McFarlane comic (which is virtually never), I think about that little tête-à-tête they both had going on in some industry mag (Comics Buyers Guide?) about how Peter David writes quality and Todd McFarlane’s Spider-man shit was, well … shit. Back and forth, back and forth. Then Todd stops it all by posting nothing but the sales report for the month: #1: Todd’s Spider-man. #137: Peter’s Sachs and Violens. As much as we hated Todd, it was actually pretty funny.

      1. Don’t get me started on Todd! I wrote him about what crap he was writing on the Spawn / Batman crossover and he called me. Literally… called me on the phone and we talked for an hour. Whatever you say about him… I did appreciate hearing his take on things personally. Todd transitioned from a promising artist with a pretty cool style for the time, to a writer who was pretty bad but had some cool vision overall, to a business man who apparently has done very well… or did for a while. He did buy that stupid steroid baseball for 2 million…

      2. Seriously? He called you? When was that – while you were still Captain Salamandering? Yes, it was a shame to see his talent turn into trite yuckiness. He’s just not a writer. And the whole baseball thing actually pisses me off. I wrote a post about that too. Search for “The Biggest Asses in Comics” and you’ll see what my thoughts are.

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