Uncanny X-Men Covers: Various from 255-343 and Annuals

I was going through some old files for eBay listings and found a group of pictures. There was a run of X-Men that I posted some time ago. Apparently I never sold them since they’re in a box I still have. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure and reference, here are 60 various images in 481×754 dimensions of Uncanny X-Men from issues 255-343, plus Annuals 8, 12, 14, and 18. Sorry I don’t have the whole run. Actually, I’m not that sorry. It is what it is. One thing I am sorry about though is that the Media loader in WordPress didn’t put them in numeric order so the comics from 314 forward go until the annuals. Then, the covers pick back up again at 255. Anyway, you’ll get it.

Key highlights:

  • 266-second appearance of Gambit (first appearance was a cameo in Annual #14)
  • 268- team-up of Captain America, Black Widow, and Wolverine (and a very cool story indeed), Jim Lee art starts
  • 281-a new team is formed
  • 282-first semi-appearance of Bishop (cover, cameo last page)
  • 283-first full Bishop
  • 287-origin of Bishop
  • 297-Executioner’s Song End
  • 300-Holografix cover for landmark issue
  • 303-Death of Illyana (Magik), although, hey, surprise, she’s back again somewhere
  • 342-Magneto
  • Annual 8-New Mutants
  • Annual 14-first Gambit in cameo

Author: comicsagogo.com

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