More Comic Art from the Long Box: Sex and Violence

Well, after sorting everything from the infamous long box, we grouped them into three categories: (1) Sheer dross, (2) Specials (chromium covers, ashcans, signed and/or numbered items, etc.), and (3) Sex and Violence. We’ll do more on the other categories later … well on the second one anyway.  Nobody really needs to read up or see anything on Valiant Comics or X-Men 2099.

Sex and violence in comic book artWe’ve already talked about how sex played a big part into the 1990s and how extreme violence, either horror or action oriented, merged to create a Bad Girl phenomenon. Demonesses like Lady Death, or priestesses like Areala Warrior Nun stuffed the racks at the local shop bringing joy to awkward and anger-repressed fans.  We were obviously not awkward or angry since we never owned any of these books. Don’t get us wrong, fantasy girls still have their appeal. Dave Stevens’ good girl art was more our thing. Actually, now that we talked about it, yes. We were awkward. Still are. It’s endearing.

Sexy Betty artwork by Dave Stevens

Historical subnote: a group of us attended our first Comic-Con in the early 90s and as we entered the hall we saw Dave Stevens booth near the front. Dave had moved on from his Rocketeer stuff (damn) to focus on his Good Girl art. Well, being the fan boys that we were, we stopped and chatted Dave up. He wasn’t really interested in talking to us since we  didn’t look like we were old enough to buy erotica. But we persisted and after a couple of minutes, we figured we’d cajone-up and ask him for a couple of sketches. He relented after some pleading and we ended up with a Rocketeer helmet sketch and a Betty head shot. Sweet!  We’ll post the Rocketeer sketch later. Can’t do it for the Betty picture since the group disbanded as we went our separate ways and the sketch disappeared another kid.

Dave Stevens, Erotica, Good Girl Art
Dave Stevens was one of our mostest favoritist artists and actually a swell guy. Some people leave way too soon. RIP, Dave.

Well, you probably didn’t come for the jibber-jabber, so here’s a bunch of sex mixed with violence to quench your thirst for such things. Even though the outfits and poses are pretty suggestive, only the last image actually has a nude, but we’d still recommend underage viewers and others concerned by these types of images steer clear. These are mature viewers only pictures.

Flare by Mark Beachum

She really does. Isn’t she precious? Artist Mark Beachum takes a different approach to female anatomy in comparison with the waspy waifs of Rob Liefeld.

Sexy comic book cover, Double Impact

A chromium comic book cover! Comic has something to do with assassins in impractical costumes.

Shi Comic Book Pinup

Tribute to Shi, the vengeful assassin Ninja-ish person.

Razor, female violence in comic books

Razor appears to be one of the more violent comics we found in the long box. There was only one issue. It was enough.

Sexy comic pinup of Model by Day

We know absolutely nothing about this book other than the outfit looks terribly uncomfortable. Ladies? Is that so? As with many comics, the pinups are better than the actual story art.

Model by Day comic book, ass in g-string

We read the first couple of pages and got bored. Sorry. Still no idea what it’s about.

Shi comic book

Here we try to imagine what Shi might look like in Mom Jeans. Not bad.

Judge #1 by Image Comics with sexy cover

Here’s another one we didn’t know anything about until we found it in the box. Cool painted cover. Don’t remember what the inside looks like. Sarah thinks you ought to take a look.

Adult comic book

This comic book actually had nudity rather than the typical barely-there costumes. We liked this scene better than the nude scene because it uses the best-expletive-ever!

Flare, sex and violence in comics

And back to Flare again. As with pretty much all of these books, we’ve never actually read them, so we can’t really tell you about the plot. But, like Model by Day, apparently a g-string costume aids in producing discomfort, then anger, then rage, then ass-kicking. Still, it must chafe.

Nudity in comic book

We debated leaving this one out since it actually does show nipples. But what the hell. Anyway, it’s about as good as it’s going to get for you (or bad as it’s going to get?!).


We like comics. And we like music. And we like movies. Pop culture is our game! But we also have a serious side. Current events, history, and politics are a part of the Comics A-Go-Go experience and we hope you find interesting things to read and look at while you traverse our website pages.

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