Sexy Bad Girl Comic Art by Paul Abrams

We’ve mentioned in previous posts that the 1990s was a period of ridiculous excess. From the extreme steroidal juggernauts of Image Comics and its spawn (heh…) to the shameless combination of sex and violence in countless mature-audience titles that seemed to pop up all over the place regardless of the lack of talent on the parts of the creator, the best way to describe the comic book experience during that era was to compare it to an unending migraine. It was hard to enjoy comics for a very long time.

Well, anyway, whatever. We’ve dealt with testostorone overdrive on other posts as it relates to big muscles and big guns, so we’ll shift to the only other genre in the 1990s: sexploitation, specifically horror stories whose title characters were scantily clad, impossibly sexy, typically religious, and always kick-ass ready female protagonists (and a few bad girls too). Why? Because our stats show that the posts that deal with sex give us the biggest hits. The Internet really is for porn, apparently. And we don’t mind being page view whores.

Paul Abrams, comic book illustrator

One of the artists that made his way to fame during that time period was Paul Abrams. Paul is actually a fine art painter by trade, but somehow made his way into comic booking. We didn’t find anything readily available online about him other than that he is classically trained and seems to have been successful. Anyway, he ended up working for Lightning Comics, a mid 90s start-up that specialized in Bad Girl comics. Paul had a successful run on Hellina, one of the publisher’s most popular titles.  We found some adverts for his portfolio book in the back of a Hellina comic that we found in the infamous 1990s long box we acquired for shits and giggles. So, we’ve scanned the images for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Sexy Bad Girl Art by Paul Abrams Sneak Preview Sexy Bad Girl Art by Paul Abrams Hellina Sexy Bad Girl Art by Paul Abrams Barbarian Babes Sexy Bad Girl Art by Paul Abrams She Devils Sexy Bad Girl Art by Paul Abrams Bad GIrls

Go check out his other stuff. His comic art is good, but his fantasy art and fine art are tremendous.

Lightning Comics Bad Girls: Hellina and Cynder by Paul Abrams
Click here for Paul’s comics-related work
Fantasy Art by Paul Abrams
Click here for Paul’s concept and fantasy work
Paul Abrams, painter and illustrator
And, click here for Paul’s fine art portfolio.


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