An Anatomy Lesson by Rob Liefeld

Rob Liefeld, comic book artist satire

Oops! We did it again. We’re picking on Rob Liefeld for the umpteenth time.

Recently, a friend brought us a long box of 1990s comics that he’d acquired from a now defunct store. You remember the comic book market in the 1990s, right? Valiant, Image, and a host of other ill-conceived start ups went all Dresden on us with variant covers, chromium covers, limited edition covers, horribly drawn covers … you get the point. Back in the day, we almost never made it past the covers, so we assume that there may have been more of the same inside. Whereas the 1980s was a period of excellent experimentation. more mature story-telling, and innovative art, the 1990s was devoid of substance and replaced by mountainous “T” & G-stringed “A”, massive weapons, over the top action sequences, special effect compensations, and company interbreeding.

Rob is one of the primary horsemen of the comic book apocalypse.  His drawings were born out of a genuine albeit misguided talent and a clearly untrained art style.What’s bizarre is that he spawned a whole generation of copycats. Anyway, whatever, here are some ridiculous examples of Rob’s hackery.

Glory and Avengelyne by Rob Liefeld

Captain America and Cable by Rob Liefeld
Oh, where, oh where to begin. Well, let’s keep it simple. Tiny heads. Overwrought musculature. Obscenely big gun. Massive boots on Cable to compensate for poor feet drawing skills (see Cap’s pointy stubby foot). Effeminate faces. Oh, good enough. Rob, your comics (and those of your pals in the similar vein) are the major reason we stopped buying comics in the 1990s. Seriously. It really is.
Riptide by Rob Liefeld
The funny thing is, the original still had ridiculously long legs. We just had a little fun making them longer. And, since we’ve already addressed the foot issue, here’s another example of the difficulty Rob seems to have with feet. What is it? An anti-fetish?
Barbi Twins with Long Legs
It’s not surprising, we suppose, that Rob used his ex-wives as models for the comic book women he draws. He married Shane Barbi in 1991 and divorced her in 1993. He married Sia Barbi in 1994 and divorced her the same year. Apparently, while he loves long legs, he doesn’t love to whom they are attached.


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