Aztec Ace Ad in Eclipse Comics

Logo for Eclipse ComicsWe forgot to include this in our earlier post on Aztec Ace. This is an ad that ran in other issues of Eclipse Comics in 1984 and we’re including it because we have a very large scanned version of it (click on it), it gives you a quick summary of the plot, and it includes a hot chick. (Holy hell, we used the word “it” five times in the last sentence!  Eh. Don’t care. Too lazy to reword the shiz-it).

Aztec Ace was a 15-issue series written by Doug Moench (who also did the Six from Sirius mini-series that we highlighted earlier) and illustrated by Dan Day. Doug has a lengthy bibliography that spans decades and includes long runs on several Batman titles as well as a couple hundred or more stories on dozens of other DC, Marvel, and independent titles. He is particularly good with sci-fi and horror stories.  It’s difficult to track down information on Dan Day. We know he’s a Canadian artist and that he is the brother of the more famous Gene Day.  He did some work with Sherlock Holmes. If any of you have additional information, feel free to comment.

Aztec Ace partially nude art in ad


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